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Merlin High Gain Preamp + Firefly Output

Update 8/10/16: As the VVR was pretty pointless with this set-up I decided to remove the ability to control it with a pot. This freed up a hole on the front – I decided to put it use by altering the tone stack from a simple tilt to a Bone Ray with tilt and middle […]

N5X to AX84 HO build

The conclusion of my living room amp build. My previous post gave some details on an issue I was having with the build: a funny fuzz tone behind notes and chords. I scoped the signal path and tried to work out where it was coming from, but it was proving too difficult and time consuming […]

AX84 SEL from AmpMaker N5X Build

Update: I have updated the schematic with a few changes made: added a humdinger, and changed the grounding scheme to a star layout. FURTHER Update: I found the sound of the amp a bit shrill and lacking some low-end. Might be my speaker cabinet. However, after searching the AX84 forum I tried a couple of […]

AmpMaker N5X Circuit Analysis

When I assembled my N5X kit, the engineer in me was worried that the circuit wouldn’t be within the range of ‘typical’ values provided with the kit by way of guidance. After the 1st switch on (well, 2nd or 3rd – I had a dodgy speaker cable which halted things for a few minutes) and […]