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Slug-based media-tag galleries in WordPress

I altered Johnny Peck’s excellent Tag Gallery WordPress plugin to allow the automatic generation of image galleries based on the post slug. This means that if you have images tagged using the media-tags plugin, simply creating a post with a slug matching the required tag and entering the shortcode will auto generate a gallery in […]

Mutt and Fastmail on OSX

After a month of experimenting, I think I’ve found the optimal settings for using Mutt with Fastmail. My abbreviated .muttrc file below has been heavily influenced by hours of googling and tinkering. The key features of my set-up are Using port 992 (rather than 993) which makes the status bar at the bottom of mutt […]

BBC Streaming Radio Script for MPD

UPDATE: Changes the BBC have made to their streaming service means the below no longer works. Bit of a shame… Following on from my earlier post, this details the steps taken to get the Pi to operate as a BBC radio player. This is aimed at people in the UK as it uses the UK-only […]

AirPlay on the RaspberryPi

I bought a Wolfson Audio Card and a new RaspberryPi (as my original Pi is too old to work with the card…) for the sole purpose of using it as a sound source for my stereo. The idea would be to have AirPlay enabled to allow iTunes / my iPhone to stream to it and […]

AppleScript Mutt Launcher

A short AppleScript to launch Mutt (or any terminal command) in its own Terminal window at a preset position and size. Make this into an app and place in your dock as a Mail.app replacement. You need to ‘allow’ the application to access system events on first launch. This is a messy way of setting […]

Macports Emacs and AUCTeX with TexLive

UPDATE: I think the current (as of 20/10/2014) AUCTeX through Macports works as intended and the below is not required. How to get them to play nicely. If using the Macports emacs-app version of emacs there are couple of things to do to get AUCTeX to work properly with your TeXLive installation. This assumes you […]

Combine 1st page of many PDFs

This snippet of code is useful when you have many similar pdfs and need a file that takes a single page from each pdf. The 1st stage is to extract the 1st page page of each pdf to a new file: for i in *.pdf ; do pdftk “A=$i” cat A1 output “temp_$i”; done Then […]

Philips Hotel TVs and HDMI Cables

When staying at crap hotels (ahem, Novotel), who make their crap TVs even crapper by disabling the HDMI inputs (so you can’t run your laptop through them), room-based boredom is no longer the default option. Simply follow the instructions contained here. Repeated below: 3 1 9 7 5 3 mute Choose “Program Install” Choose a […]

SmartSheet Gantt to PowerPoint

If you need to insert a SmartSheet generated Gantt chart in to PowerPoint, the following procedure is useful: Output the Gantt to a PDF at A3 size or above, and try to get it all on one sheet. Issue the following command to generate a PNG of the chart: convert -density 300 -trim INPUT.pdf OUTPUT.png […]