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Raspberry Pi arrives

After a long wait my Raspberry Pi arrived. Below are the steps I took to get it to a workable state. Prepped the memory card – Prepared the memory card using the instructions here. I installed the Debian Squeeze image provided here. There was a minor error at the end of the process (using a […]

Excel “Short” to “Long” data reformatter

I’m not sure where I got the following file (a quick Google didn’t reveal much) but it is incredibly useful. It takes “short” form data (ie, personal data and your responses to a number of questions, all stored on one row) and converts in to “long” form data (a row for each question answer and […]

Excel rolling-year calculations

Having found nothing online that helped, here is my attempt at rolling-year calculations based on certain criteria. This could be used for personnel data (days worked, off etc in any given time period – in this case a year) or product sales data (how many sold in any rolling year). The attached excel sheet shows […]

iTunes Match analysis results

Using my script and a DRC meter (see here) I conducted a comparison between my original mp3s and new high-quality mp4s received from iTunes Match. The original mp3s were sourced mainly from my own rips (using Lame from 2000-2004 and iTunes from 2005-onwards usually encoded with VBR 192) with a small number from napster, audiogalaxy […]

VBA code to test if a cell is all upper case

This tests to see if a cell is ALL UPPER CASE. If so, it replaces the cell with “UpperCase”. If not, it replaces the cell with “NonUpperCase”. This hasn’t been extended to write these values to different cells, so copy the original cells somewhere, select them, then run this: Sub UppercaseTest() Dim aRng As Range […]

Avoiding issues when disconnected using ssh

To solve issues with broken pipes etc when connecting to remote boxes. Very useful, especially when installing things or running long commands. From http://serverfault.com/questions/19634/how-to-reconnect-to-a-disconnected-ssh-session: GNU Screen allows you to have a ‘screen session’ on the remote box that you can run multiple commands in, via multiple ‘screen windows’. This will simply detach if your parent SSH connection […]

iTunes Match Analysis Tool

Update – for the results of this on my iTunes library see here. This script uses DRC-Meter to compare the dynamic range compression of your ‘old’ mp3s to the ‘new’ iTunes Match .m4as. It could potentially be used to determine if iTunes has replaced any of your ‘original’ mp3s ripped from old CDs with ‘new’ remastered versions […]

Command for TFL bus wait times

curl -s http://countdown.tfl.gov.uk/stopBoard/55335 \ | tr ‘}’ ‘\n’ | grep 220 | head -n 3 \ | sed -n ‘s/^.*estimatedWait":"\([0-9]* min\).*$/\1/p’curl -s http://countdown.tfl.gov.uk/stopBoard/55335 \ | tr ‘}’ ‘\n’ | grep 220 | head -n 3 \ | sed -n ‘s/^.*estimatedWait":"\([0-9]* min\).*$/\1/p’ Replace the number after “stopBoard” with your stop number, change “220” to the particular […]