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OSX software updates via command line

Just use the following command: softwareupdate -i -a This installs all available updates, but doesn’t restart, so that might need to be done manually. The blurb: usage: softwareupdate [ …] -l | –list List all appropriate updates -d | –download Download Only -i | –install Install … specific updates -a | –all all appropriate updates […]

Recursively changing permissions

For files: $ find /home/user/demo -type f -perm 777 -print -exec chmod 755 {} \; For directories: $ find /var/www/html -type d -perm 777 -print -exec chmod 755 {} \; Useful for when WordPress updates go wrong. [Taken from here] Correct(?) wordpress permissions Files 744 Dir 755 wp-config.php 750

Tar command through network over SSH session

To transfer a folder full of many small files it is quicker to do the following, rather than zip/tar and scp. tar czf – folder/ | ssh joebloggs@otherserver.com tar xzf – -C ~/ Or Peter Benie’s version: tar -cf – dir | ssh andromeda tar -xf- From: http://www.thingy-ma-jig.co.uk/blog/03-09-2008/using-tar-and-ssh-improve-scp-speeds http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-use-tar-command-through-network-over-ssh-session/