Mutt and Fastmail on OSX

Mutt and Fastmail on OSX

After a month of experimenting, I think I’ve found the optimal settings for using Mutt with Fastmail. My abbreviated .muttrc file below has been heavily influenced by hours of googling and tinkering.

The key features of my set-up are

  1. Using port 992 (rather than 993) which makes the status bar at the bottom of mutt clearer and more useful as “imaps://” is not shown. This means you can see what folder you are in!
  2. The LDAP look-up to my Fastmail contacts essentially provides the much needed link between my OSX contacts and mutt – albeit I have to periodically update my contacts on Fastmail with a fresh export from Better than nothing and forces me to keep my contacts up-to-date.

I definitely used the following references:

But I didn’t need to do the certificates thing…