AX84 Firefly-style build

I decided try and make something from all the parts I had lying around from my previous builds. The AX84 Firefly seemed a great place to start – low wattage and simple. [An alternative would have been the BabyPlex, also based on the Firefly, detailed here.] I was looking for something simple to build, sounds good for rock, and I loved the idea of being able to use it as a preamp for another amp – the Firezog mod. I just needed to get a few low cost parts (the OT and VVR components from AmpMaker & the Hammond chassis from BlueBell Audio) to get going.

I chose to use VVR of the entire amp to control the overall volume, in place of a master volume. People complain that even the Firefly is too loud for living room playing – hopefully the VVR will help.





Build Pics