Merlin High Gain Preamp + Firefly Output

Update 8/10/16: As the VVR was pretty pointless with this set-up…

N5X to AX84 HO build

The conclusion of my living room amp build. My previous post…

L2L / Super eXtreme / UHG-style amp build

After extensive preparations and prototyping, my modifications to my N5X^2 build. Mk2.

N5X to AX84 L2L Amp Build

Goal: To build the ultimate living room amp. Guitar + cable + amp. No pedals. Enough distortion to cover 90s rock / grunge.

AmpMaker N5X Circuit Analysis

When I assembled my N5X kit, the engineer in me was worried…

AmpMaker N5X Heater Elevation Mod

A simple modification to the stock N5X circuit is to add heater elevation. The idea is to reduce a small amount of 50/100Hz hum I was hearing with the power control above 5.